Mydland KODE2

Beyond G(l)aze: Anne Helen Mydland at KODE 2

23.01. - 12.04.

Professor Anne Helen Mydland is one of the 16 artists in the exhibtion Beyond G(l)aze at KODE 2. The exhibtion aims to give insight into how a selection of Norwegian and Chinese artists transform clay into exiting works of art, and to show the strong position of ceramics in international contemporary art.

Nordic Miracle Revisited

Heli Rekula in retrospective exhibition on The Nordic Miracle

31.01. - 15.03.

One of professor Heli Rekula's earliest performance-photography works, Hyperventilation, is shown in the exhibition Siksi - The Nordic Miracle Revisited, which tells the story of how the Nordic countries established a distinct art scene of their own between 1986 and 1995.