Jannecke Heien in Rom8: A flawless terrain? Visions for the future

By means of 2 and 3-dimensional spatial drawing, a group of finance economists have been reflecting upon the possibilities of a perpetual economic growth over the next 100 years. They have made their thinking visible for an artist, as representative of the general consumer. Material from the workshop now constitutes the basis for an artistic process, and will be exhibited as video, drawings and installations in Room 8. Exhibition opening with panel discussion 26 November.

Linda Lien på EntreNord

Linda Lien in Breakout Session

EntreNord is an initiative under Kreanord, Nordic Council of Ministers. The focus is on entrepreneurship in the arts education across the Nordic countries. Linda Lien, KHiB Associate Professor in graphic design, contributed to the 2014 EntreNord Conference with a breakout session on assessment of students' work

Julekort 2013

Christmas Card Competition 2014

24.11. - 08.12.

All students and staff are hereby invited to participate in the KHiB christmas card competition 2014. Deadline to submit proposals is 8th December. The winner will be honored with NOK 2000.


Book launch & performance: "Dublett" with Pedro Gómez-Egaña

17.11. - 17.11.

The third book in Hordaland Art Centre's book series Dublett is launched 17 November at HKS with a performance by Pedro Gómez-Egaña, Associate Professor in Fine Art and MA coordinator at KHiB. The third Dublett focuses on his practice and contains his artist book Mitre Marrows.

100% Norway overview

Great success in London

"The last months, weeks and days have been crazy: Now I'm overwhelmed that the exhibition has been so well received!" states Professor Dave Vikøren on the opening day of the Norwegian design exhibition 100% Norway.