colors of belonging

Welcome to 'colors of belonging' - an exhibition by Hildur Bjarnadóttir at Bergen Kjøtt, Saturday 14 November from 16 - 18. This exhibition marks the conclusion of Bjarnadóttirs three-year artistic research project called 'Textiles in the Extended Field of Painting'.

ROUTEMASTER’S DESKTOP, detail from installation. Vociferous Void exhibition, BCB 2013. Former Spode Works, Stoke on Trent 2012–2013.  Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum


16.11. - 22.11.

The works in this exhibition are selected from different art research (R&D) projects which Launder is involved with, on-going and stabilized momentarily for Rom8. The ephemeral, periphery, transitory, time-based – actualised into concrete works is the position taken to the contextual; where sculpture/installation blends into performance or visa versa.


How to Apply for The Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme

This document gives information on deadlines and procedures to apply for the Research Fellowship Programme through KHiB. There is an annual public information meeting at KHiB, Bergen, and the 2015 information meeting took place on Wednesday 19 August at 13.00 pm.

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About Bergen Academy of Art and Design

Bergen Academy of Art and Design is a leading institution in artistic research and offers the highest education in Norway in the fields of Art and Design.

Eamon O'Kane_Skulpturbiennale 2015

Eamon O'Kane participates at Norwegian Sculpture Biennial 2015

09.10. - 31.01.

Professor Eamon O'Kane at Bergen Academy of Art and Design is among the artists who exhibit their work during the Norwegian Sculpture Biennial 2015. The exhibition opens 9 October at 19:00 and continues until 31 January 2016.