Students showcase expressive, spatial furniture in Stockholm

For the eleventh year in a row BA students at Bergen Academy of Art and Design have qualified to showcase their furniture at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. This is the most important arena for furniture producers and designers in Scandinavia. The fair takes place 4-8 February 2014.

The Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair is the world's largest gathering for Nordic design. Students and newly established designers get a unique opportunity to connect with producers and present themselves to the media and others within the industry. The fair has positioned itself as the largest for Scandinavian design in the world.

The fair is a good arena for the students to show their design capabilities and build valuable networks. Last year several of the students' works attracted attention, and a number of the prototypes have been shown at other international exhibitions, amongst others, The London Design Festival in September 2013.

This year, 12 students are using a variety of materials and different methods to create prototypes that are very experimental in nature. They present objects that are playful and designed with the future in mind. The students are interested in expressive, spatial elements and showcase twelve prototypes of sitting equipment, tables and lighting objects. The materials used include laminated wood, form pressed felt, glass, porcelain and metal.

The pieces of furniture shown at Greenhouse are full scale prototypes made by the students, mainly at the Academy's workshops.

The 12 students are attending their third year of a bachelor degree in design specialising in furniture and interior architecture at KHiB.

Staff involved in the project
Adjunct Professor in furniture design Steinar Hindenes
Assistant Professor Petter Knudsen
Assistant Professor and technician wood workshop Øivind Eide
Technician metal workshop Svein Orrebakken
Assistant Professor and technician photography: Bjarte Bjørkum
Adjunct Professor Torbjørn Anderssen, touring for Nordic exhibitors

Bergen Academy of Art and Design present these prototypes in Stockholm  4-8 February 2014:

Anne Mjåseth_DSC1421.jpg

Anne Mjåseth: Beem
"Beem" is a rocking chair with moveable armrests that provide variations in both position and appearance. The combination of felt, wool and oak materials exude a warm and soft expression, while the sharp design gives it some edge.

The style and size allow "Beem" to fit comfortably in the home, be it in the living room, hallway or nursery.

Materials: Chair seat: PET formed felt, wool material, leather
Chair legs: Oak
Size: Chair height: 980mm / Width: 500mm
Seat height: 440mm / Seat depth: 700mm

Contact: +47 41540674 / annemjaseth[at]

Thanks to Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik

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Andreas Østebø: One by one
"One by one" lamp is a dimmable floor lamp.The ten porcelain cups all light at once, but one by one they will go out when you pull the handle and lead them over the wheel.

The ammonia treated oak and porcelain parts are joined together by turned brass fittings and axels, giving the lamp an industrial yet poetic feel.

Materials: Ammonia treated oak, matte porcelain and turned brass
Size: H: 1440 mm / Ø 300

Contact: +47 902 79 395 / post[at] /

Thanks to Sarah Reed Ceramics

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 Tea Skog_DSC1362.jpg

Tea Skog: Bibbi
Description of the product:

From a naive drawing to a solid construction, "Bibbi" is a chair that allows you to be in motion while sitting.

The construction is built up of bent steel pipes that give the textile the opportunity to hang free and make the seat.

Materials: Steel pipes Ø: 19, cotton canvas (different textiles can be used)
Size: H: 900 mm, L: 850 mm, W: 600 mm
Design: Tea Skog

Contact: teaskog[at] / +47 94895426

Thanks to Seilmaker Iversen and Benjamin Rodgers

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 Christoph Steiger__DSC1178.jpg

Christoph Steiger: Pi
Pi is designed as a dining chair. The chair is constructed from a wooden tube, which makes it very easy to manufacture and shapes a unique character. Certain details of its construction are based on the concept of a puzzle, which adds to the playfulness of the design.

Materials: walnut, textile
Size: H: 800 mm, W: 400 mm, D: 400 mm

Contact: +47 45667769 / christophsteiger[at] /

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Fredrik Bull: Luk
Luk is made of brass, carbon and paper. The construction is naked and honest, with no fuss. The lamp soars at an angle that suits you, as Luk can easily be adjusted by the small holes in the brass body.  The concept behind Luk is that you can constantly renew your product, since the screen is easily changed to adapt to any room type or mood. Luk can hang alone or in a group and works equally well in public environments as in private living rooms. Luk plays on the nostalgic memories of the dream to be a Jedi knight in Star Wars, as Luke Skywalker was. The shape is inspired by futurism and the 60´s romantic dream of the future.

Materials: Lamp: Carbon rods 4mm, brass pipe 42mm, shaped brass bolt,  spun brass reflector, 120mm in diameter, brass pipe 4,7mm and brass bolt 3,9mm
Screen: Silk paper, Eyelets brass 4mm
Bulb: Phillips Eco classic halogen bulb reflector
Size: L 500mm/ Screen: 400mmx400mm

Contact: +47 40727230 / bullbekk[at]

Thanks to Nomek AS, Astrup AS

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Lotte Sekkelsten Østby__DSC1274.jpg

Lotte Sekkelsten Østby: Funkle
Funkle is a table inspired by childhood memories and the fascination I had with gemstones and other sparkling objects. It represents the innocence of childhood, a time of playfullness and few concerns. Funkle is made in steel, but can also be produced in other materials. It works as a small coffee table or side table, both in private homes and public environments.

Materials: Steel
Size: H: 450 mm, L: 820 mm W: 480 mm

Contact: +47 91627698 / ls.ostby[at]

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 Karen Ingeborg Naalsund_DSC1470.jpg

Karen Naalsund: Stockholm
The Stockholm chair is perfect if you don't want many chairs, or simply don't have the space for it. It is both a lounge and dining chair. Simple, low-tech grips move you smoothly from an upright sitting position to one that is more relaxed. The PET felt gives the seat a natural resilience and the maple legs contribute to stability and strength.

Materials: PET-Felt, maple, textile
Size: H: 760 - 800, D: 460, W: 480

Contact: +47 928 306 05 / kinaalsund[at]

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Lorraine Mary Bracken_DSC1349.jpg

Lorraine Mary Bracken: NEMO Collection
The "Nemo Collection" draws its inspiration from the jellyfish that inhabit our oceans. Through the combination of contrasting materials, textures and colour, this was translated into lighting.  With elegant, bent steel legs and formed felt shades, the lightweight lamps provide mood and functional lighting while also aiding with acoustics. The lamps come in three sizes and individual names matching their real-life counterparts: the tall "Man-o-war", the medium "Box" and the short "Moon".  Whether standing alone, or as a family, "Nemo" lamps add character and warmth to any living space.

Materials: Shades: PET felt (proposal would be to use Eco-felt)
Legs: 6mm steel rods.
Phillips long-life LED bulbs (tall & medium 1xE27, short 2xE14) 
Size tall: H: 1400mm / shade diameter 200mm
Size medium: H: 980mm / shade diameter: 320mm
Size short: H: 200mm / shade diameter: 420mm

Contact: +47 45041188 / lorraine.m.bracken[at] /

Thanks to Billlakkspesialisten AS, Mark Iversen Electrics and Grant R McDermott

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Rikke Frafjord Ørstavik__DSC1306.jpg

Rikke Ørstavik: Hi
"Hi" is inspired by all other bar stools out there that just aren't right. The goal was to create a bar stool that makes you feel elegant and good whilst sitting on it. "Hi" allows you to sit comfortably for longer periods.

Materials: Steel, plywood, foam, textile
Size: H: 980 mm, D: 400 mm W: 470 mm

Contact: +47 986 30 754 / rikke.orstavik[at]

Thanks to Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik

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Sarah Maria Nielsen: Andhere
The idea for this lounge chair has its origin in a fascination for a wheelbarrow and its multiple functions seen with a child's eyes. A wheelbarrow, a mobile tool and a means of transportation, can then easily also be viewed as a piece of furniture for comfortable relaxation and contemplation. Move andhere around in the living room to a favorite spot at the fireplace, to the window with the excellent view, or over to the reading lamp and grab a good book. andhere invites you to choose a spot in your home in accordance with your state of mind. This chair may stand here, here and here.

Materials: Solid ash, naturally tanned cowhide leather, brass
Size: W: 800mm, D: 600mm, H: 900mm

Contact: +47 94256910 / sarah.mn86[at] /

Thanks to Læderiet in Aarhus, and KnudsenBergHindenes

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Hanne Marthe Kommedal__DSC1193.jpg

Hanne Marthe Kommedal: UNO
Continuous lines and patterns is what makes UNO - a chair that comes in solid ash, quilted wool fabric and steel fittings. UNO is designed for the intersection between children and adults, which results in a low sitting position. The chair gives parents the opportunity to be flexible and active, avoiding bad postures from playtime on the floor or tying shoes in the entrance. UNO is easy to move around with its lightweight materials and back rest as a handle. It is a small and playful chair that fits in the private home, kindergarden or School.

Materials: Solid Ash, Steel, wool fabric (GU)
Size: H: 660 mm, D: 330 mm W: 350 mm

Contact: +47 993 10 807 / hanne.kommedal[at]

Thanks to Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik

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Ann Helen Hestås__DSC1152.jpg

Ann Helen Hestås: Teddy
"Teddy" table has an elegant and unique character. The inspiration behind Teddy is from the great white polar bear in the far north. The paw-like feet and playful shape give it a friendly appearance, and the left front leg is angled backwards slightly, which gives the impression that it's on the move."Teddy" is humble and understated, yet has a strong personality. Tabletop is in opal glass and legs in laminated ash veneer.

Materials: Ash / Opal glass
Size: H: 420 mm / W: 460 mm / L: 910 mm

Contact: +47 952 71 570 / hestaas[at] /

Thanks to Eirik Thorstensen, Hole Glass and lakkering: Minde Snekkeri

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Thanks to Norwegian Design Council:


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